Consultation Services:


  • Addiction Intervention services – If you’re loved one seems stuck in their addiction and does not seem interested in changing their life there are things that you can do to increase the odds that they will begin to take their disease seriously. First and foremost, we meet as a team and discover the ways that we have been enabling this person to stay in their disease, look at how it is a disease and the ways that shaming and blaming to do more damage than good.  Then we can begin to map out resources that we can offer and where our involvement is and is not going to be in that recovery process.  Services are then presented to the individual from a position of support and care


  • Autism Consultation Services – I have worked for 20 years in the field of developmental disabilities and, as such, I have a wide variety of resources that we can bring to bear in the treatment of autism.  These may include connecting you or your loved one with community resources, local and national organizations and resources, government assistance in the form of case management and employment services.  In addition, I can attend IEP’s with parents to advocate for them and their children.