Corporate Services:

With a Bachelor’s degree in Social Psychology and a unique understanding of addictions and mindfulness I bring a powerful package to companies both small and large in creating environments that encourage productivity and a sense of belonging among employees.


  • Consultation: I can work closely with your company in helping to create a reentry plan that will insure your employees have a fair opportunity to recover from addictions and that you maintain a valuable resource in your company (research shows that companies save $12.00 for every $1.00 spent on recovery services offered to employees through a reduction of absenteeism, increased productivity and savings on retraining and compensation).


  • Employee Environment: I offer workshops and training in stress reduction and mindfulness.  These are specific techniques that can be used during short breaks to assist in increasing focus, releasing stress and making the work environment more receptive to the needs of employees.  Research indicates that employees who work in an environment where they feel valued and their needs are a matter of concern are happier and more productive.


  • Substance Use Risk Reduction – Research shows that the incidence of addiction and substance use disorders is greatly reduced in companies that create an environment that is not focused on (and is less accepting of) alcohol and substance use.  This translates directly into an increase in productivity and decrease in employee absenteeism.