Individual Therapy

At this time I do not take insurance.  I offer a limited number of pro-bono and low-cost slots and work on the sliding fee scale below as a way of helping out those in financial need

0-60k — 70.00/hour

60-80k — 80.00/hr

80-100k — 90.00/hr

Over 100k — 110.00/hr

Organizational Consultation Services

Helping hospitals and organizations with training, linking to corporate and employee resources, assessment, treatment recommendations, and consultation (3hour minimum) are offered at 100.00 per hour.

Private Consultation and Coaching Services

Consultation for the purpose of individual assessment and recommendations are available.  I cannot provide counseling long distance and do not do so by phone or the internet.  What I can do if you are having difficulty with life adjustments, motivation, etc is coaching.  As a part of this service, I train in mindfulness and other methods that can help you stay on track in making the changes you want to make in life.  I can also work with you in finding a therapist that is right for you and will meet your particular needs in your area.  Part of my coaching contract is an agreement between you and me that if things begin to get difficult you will agree to find counseling in your area with my assistance.  Fee for this is 110.00 per hour.

Group Therapy

$40 per session for a minimum of 5 individuals

Addictions interventions

$200.00 for initial family session of up to 3 hours $250.00 for intervention session (may be additional fee negotiated if I transfer individual to rehab facility for check in). Follow up therapy sessions available upon discussion post intervention for both family and individuals.

To discuss services or set your appointment you may email me or contact me by phone at 816-470-0118.