Group Services:


These groups generally arise out of a recognized need among my patients and in the community and will be announced as scheduled.

  • Addiction/Recovery Groups: I offer the occasional groups in mindfulness, relapse prevention, tools for living and other recovery issues.


  • Autism Group work: I teach groups on mindfulness and building social confidence to increase social skills.   These groups have been very successful in the past and it has been a joy to watch individuals with autism grow beyond their own expectations.


  • Trauma Group Therapy: The groups I lead generally focus on learning to deal with the trauma that we have encountered in our lives, including the ability to self-regulate in moments that trigger the trauma response, learning to trust the world again and learning to rely on others at times to help us through.  These groups have traditionally been quite successful in helping individuals to cope emotionally with the survived trauma.


  • Mindfulness Groups/Workshops – These groups focus on mindfulness for such things as stress reduction, pain management and the control of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Mindfulness research is showing that we can actually change the physical structure of the brain and our patterns of reacting and acting in and on the world.  The workshops may be led in conjunction with a body/mind components like Tai Chi or Yoga as a part of the practice with other trained professionals in these methods.