I want to know more about mindfulness

I have been practicing more than 30 years myself and have trained countless clients in the use of mindfulness for stress reduction, pain management, craving and anxiety control and a myriad of other things.  I have completed mindfulness training from a DBT perspective with behavioral tech and now use many of those techniques to aid my clients in emotional regulation and the development of a non-judgemental, self compassionate approach.  I am finding that mindfulness works with individuals on the autism spectrum in helping them to filter out sensory input as well. Research is showing that mindfulness actually aids the brain in growing new neural connections and helps in the processing of sensory input from the outside world.  This is significant for both those on the autism spectrum and individuals struggling to deal with trauma and/or addictions.  It is the means, by which, we begin to learn how to act on the world around us rather than simply reacting to it.  Our actions go, quite literally, from mindless to mindful. 

I teach a number of techniques, each directed specifically to my clients needs and background.  Many of my guided exercises are, or can be, directed to the individual’s specific spiritual path to aid in the growth of their own faith or spiritual awareness.  To learn more about the ways that the practice of mindfulness could help you, feel free to contact me.  Initial consultation is free on the phone and it is always a joy for me to be able to point you to a starting place for your own practice.  Below you will also find some links to some really good places to start with your own practice.