I’m Struggling with addiction

Dealing with addiction is one of the most difficult things we will ever face in life and, often, it feels as if we are doomed to face it alone.  Those who do not struggle with the disease seldom fully understand it.  Addiction isn’t just about picking up the drug or substance.  In fact that is often the last step in a journey towards relapse.  Addiction is, rather, a disease that creates a battle within.  It is our brains craving so badly that we are pushed to do anything necessary at times to feed that craving.  But there is hope.  We find strength in the development of new tools and skills and we learn to build new lives and live free of the addiction.  This does not mean that we will never crave again, it means that when we do we naturally begin to look at the life and goodness in it that we have built and we are unwilling to let that go.  So often this involves facing the dark places and traumas that set us down the addiction path in addition to coping with what is going on in our brains on a chemical level.   I offer you the hope of someone who has traveled that path.  I am 27 years clean from a drug addiction myself and now have the training and understanding to help you get there too.  Below are resources to help you begin your own journey.  Reach out, call someone and say simply “I need help” and if you would like to begin that journey with Life Recovery Consulting walking with you simply Click Here and contact me or schedule your first appointment.