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Who Are Living Life On the Spectrum So Grab a Cup, Sit Down, and spend some time Listening to Autism

Listening to Autism is a podcast dedicated to bringing research, resources and interviews in the field of autism to the listener.   Robert Cox is a therapist in the Liberty, MO area who has been working with individuals on the spectrum in one capacity or another for over 24 years and now brings his experience to this podcast meant to inform and encourage those living and working through life on the spectrum.

In the first episode of Listening To Autism we get right down to the nuts and bolts and start looking at how autism creates trauma in the lives of individuals on the spectrum. Both through sensory assault and through social exclusion, trauma becomes a very real event. But there is hope and growth to be had.

Jackie Flynn is a therapist and registered play therapist in Florida and someone I have gotten to know very well. She specializes in ADHD and Autism and has her own podcast for parents dealing with these issues called Parenting In the Rain. It was my pleasure to discuss play therapy, mindfulness and sensory integration with her in this episode of Listening to Autism. Jackie Can be reached at And you can find her podcast, Parenting In the Rain, here.

Mindfulness is an evidence based approach to rewiring the brain.  It is known to reduce anxiety producing chemicals, increase good chemicals and assist in quieting the anxious, overstimulated brain.  For this reason, I began using it in the treatment of autism some years ago.  In this episode, we cover techniques for individuals who are high functioning and those who are more challenged on the spectrum and look at the research and what it says about how mindfulness can help.  Finally, I provide the listener with two examples of powerfully effective mindfulness techniques they can begin using tomorrow to help calm melt downs and begin teaching emotional regulation.

Moving into young adulthood with high functioning autism can be an extreme challenge. The social difficulties in adolescence often lead to simply giving up on the idea of relationship. In this episode of Listening To Autism we discuss that uncomfortable space and how to move beyond it into a life of meaningful connection. Based on my group work through the Life Recovery Method this episode talks about learning to embrace vulnerability and how autism can complicate the process.

Mom, Advocate, Professional: An interview with Vonda Powell

In this episode, we chat with Vonda Powell, a rock star autism mom who I have known as an invaluable resource in the KC area for years. Vonda talks to us about how she got into the work, the struggles she sees parents trying to manage every day and what she is doing about it. Vonda has also been working with Major League Baseball to make the stadium experience more user-friendly for families living life on the spectrum. She shares with us her experience training the staff of the Kansas City Royals in the art of Listening To Autism.