A Little About Me:

It has occurred to me that some of my future clients might wonder who they are hiring to help them through some very rough patches and trusting to walk with them on some vulnerable journeys.  I understand that because I have been many of the places my clients have been and will go.  I have my own history of addiction.  In 1988 I used for the last time and I have been clean since.  I know what it is to struggle with trauma, anxiety and craving.  I know what it is to feel so raw all the time that all you want is for things to stop hurting and to be willing to do anything to escape that.  I know what it is to feel you have disappointed and hurt everyone around you but not know how to stop.  Those experiences have deepened my ability to help my clients know that I feel what they feel….that I have known what they know.

I also know the promise of recovery.  I know that we can learn to live vulnerably in an uncertain world with real joy, connection and courage.  It does not mean that we no longer feel pain or that we are not frightened by the vulnerability we have to face at times.  It means that we have learned new methods of coping with those feelings rather than running from them.  We have learned to live with a fearlessness and core belief in our own ability and promise.  It means we have learned at last to live life abundantly. There is a story told in recovery about a man who falls in a deep, dark, cold hole.  He cannot find his way out and a priest wanders by the hole.  The man yells, “Hey father, I’m stuck down here in this hole, can you help me out?”  So the priest blesses the man, says a prayer and continues on.  A few hours later the man sees a doctor wandering by and he says, “Hey doc, I’ve been stuck down here for ever, can you help me out?”  So the doctor writes out a prescription and throws it down in the hole and continues on.  After several more hours, as light is fading from the sky a stranger walks past and the man yells out, “Hey buddy, I’ve been stuck down here forever, can you help me out?”.  The stranger jumps down in the hole and the man says, “Oh great, now we’re both stuck down here!”  The stranger pulls a flashlight out of his pocket and says, “yeah, but I’ve been here before and I know the way out.” Whether they are struggling with addictions, trauma, depression, anxiety and stress or just feeling out of place in their world at this time, I am always honored to jump into the hole with my clients and help them find the way out.  I bring both the experience and the training necessary to begin helping you to create a holding space where we can begin coping with those uncomfortable places and learning to deal with them rather than running constantly. THE BORING STUFF: I have a bachelor’s in Social Psychology from Park University and a Master’s in Counseling from MidAmerica Nazarene University in addition to being a member of the CSI professional counseling honor society and a nationally certified counselor.  I have my provisional license as a professional counselor in MO and I am Supervised by Jennifer Coleman, LPC until August of 2017.