Meet Our Therapists

Life Recovery Consulting has been growing. The need for autism services, trauma and addictions treatment and other mental health services is growing exponentially. In keeping with this, I have decided to move to an incorporated structure with the company this fall when my licensure is complete and begin bringing other practitioners with specialties that complement and complete a team into the fold. I am excited to announce that Rachel Nagy has decided to begin working with this team and will be contracting with Life Recovery Consulting under the supervision of Jennifer Coleman, LPC. Rachel brings play therapy experience and experience in working with autism on both the school and in-home levels. Her strengths are a fantastic addition and will complement the completion of our group practice when it is built in the fall. She has a real heart for working with adolescents and young adults with anxiety issues as well. But I’ll let you read more about that by clicking on her picture below where she can introduce herself to you.

Meet Our Interns