Here are two freely available “mindful vacation” files that I have created for you to begin your mindfulness journey.  Each is approximately 20 minutes and designed to aid in your defining and releasing stress and anxiety in the body.

Sounds True

“I have been using Sounds True for my meditation and mindfulness resources for about four years now.  I find their resources never fail to impress me and they are cheaper than most other places.  I recommend them to my patients on a regular basis.”


“Muse is becoming widely used by therapists to teach mindfulness practice.  It reads your brainwaves and uses the long accepted principle of biofeedback to assist you in getting to a state of lowered noise in the mind more quickly.” 

Pema Chodron's Freedom to Choose Something Different

“Pema Chodron has long been one of my favorite teachers of Buddhist mindfulness practices.  She was the one that taught me Tonglen meditation which is one of the more powerful practices I use today.  This is a free Sample of her online course in using mindfulness to free ourselves from emotional hooks and choose differently than we have in the past” 

Mindfulness practice resources

“Here is are some great resources for stepping up your mindfulness practices with guided meditations including the 8 week course on MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) which has been very effective at helping many reduce stress and manage in busy work environments”

Music for your practice

“This is a link to a lot of really good background music (much of it I use myself) for your mindfulness practice at home”