Mindfulness Services:


The research on mindfulness training is showing that it can and does actually change not only the way we think and react in the world but the actual physical structure of the brain.  With the growth of new neural connections comes new ways of thinking.  While meditation techniques may be taught as a regular part of practice, mindfulness is much different than meditation.  Techniques taught may be learning to become the observer of our emotions rather than simply action on them, learning to sit with pain, anxiety and other issues before acting on them.  All of the techniques help us decide who we want to be in each moment of our lives rather than allowing that to be determined by circumstances.  We find that we begin living a more directed and abundant life.  Services may be offered in individual sessions by themselves, in conjunction with other therapy or in group form.


  • Mindfulness for Addictions: Mindfulness is a technique that can be used to reduce anxiety, resist cravings and control pain effectively without the need for medications that may complicate the addiction by creating cravings and relapse.


  • Mindfulness for Autism: Mindfulness is an evidence based method for reducing cortisol (a hormone which induces our anxiety response) and increasing oxytocin (a drug responsible for social relatedness and relaxed calming feelings) as well as reducing anxiety and learning to focus on one thing as a way of filtering out other sensory input that result in meltdowns and loss of functional ability.


  • Mindfulness for Trauma: This evidenced based form of therapy can help us regulate the brain is such a way that the triggers for our trauma no longer send us into an anxiety ridden, fight or flight response leaving us unable to think or deal rationally with situations.