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Thanks for stopping by the Mindful Recovery podcast page!  I hope that you have found, or will find, the information in these episodes useful in your journey through recovery from trauma and/or addictions.  It is my hope that I can provide both some educational and informational tools and some real world tools that will help you be able to walk that path a little more easily.  I am always open to suggestions about topics you would like to hear or experts in the field you might want to hear from in an interview, so feel free to contact me and make suggestions.  This is not a journey any of us are able to walk alone and I really would love to hear from you about the ways that you have been able to find support or even ways you feel there is room for improvement with this podcast.  So take some time and look around this place and if you haven’t yet listened to the podcast you can do so simply by clicking on the episode artwork.  If you want to know more about me or my services, feel free to cruise around the rest of the website and I hope to catch you listening during the next episode of Mindful Recovery!

This week’s guest is Duane Osterlind, LMFT, CSAT who specializes in the treatment of porn and sexual addictions.  This is a burgeoning area in addictions and is often rooted in severe abuse and trauma issues.  Although I have an understanding of process addictions like sexual addiction, gambling addictions, etc I was very excited to be able to sit and speak with Duane who specializes in this area.  The scope of his knowledge is extensive.  You can find his website at www.NovusMindfulLife.com and he offers a six day series to jump start your recovery in these areas which can be found here: http://novusmindfullife.com/6-days-to-recovery-sign-up/

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Nazanin Moali who is a practitioner in the LA area specializing in the treatment of adolescent addictions, especially eating disorders.  Her approach is to integrate the family in supporting and motivating the individual and I found her informative and refreshing as I’m sure you will.  Her website is:  http://oasis2care.com/ .  Naz also produces a live internet show that is done in Farsi (her native tongue) and you can find that show here:  http://ch1.cc/ each week.  For times or questions contact Dr. Moali at  [email protected]

This week I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Jackie Flynn, who is a licensed play therapist and producer of the podcast Parenting In the Rain.  I had such a great time talking with her about the ways that trauma and divorce can effect kids and how mindfulness can really be integrated to create a holding space for them.  Jackie is currently producing a class on parenting through divorce.  Signup for her free resources and course are here: http://jackieflynnconsulting.com/class/ Below are several more ways to get ahold of Jackie and take advantage of the awesome resources at her disposal.


Twitter: @jackieflynnrpt

This week we return to being the observer in our mindfulness practice. Often the thoughts that try to intrude on our meditations are related to anxiety.  Anxiety over the past and things that have already been or anxiety related to the future and what might be.  These are things that are often related to what Brene’ Brown called the “Myth of Scarcity”…I’m not good enough, or smart enough, or enough enough.  Sometimes they are related to fear of what might be or guilt over what we have done. Inviting these anxieties in one by one we can observe them from a detached perspective and decide what they are trying to communicate to us, where are they rooted and what action must we take to free ourselves.

Therapists also deal with brokenness. We use that brokenness to become spaces of healing in the room with the patient.  Here is a companion article about this that I wrote for the “Connectfulness” blog.

This week we dig into those childhood places where we are broken. The ones we have been trying to numb. In this mindfulness exercise we try and show that child the compassion it has always needed in an effort to reconnect with our own healing sense of worthiness. In this way we can begin moving into healthy connection.

Today we speak with Adena Bank Lees,LCSW who specializes in the treatment of trauma and sexual abuse.  She has written two books, the latest of which is a book on covert sexual abuse or the use of a child as an emotional surrogate for the missing spouse.  This form of trauma can be very impacting and is often at the root of addiction. Links from the episode: Peacebuilders Adena’s Website Adena’s book “12 Healing Steps…” on Create Space and on Amazon
In the last few episodes we have discussed the ways the child gets hurt and looking honestly at the places that hurt child still resides in us.  Meeting that child’s needs is something we grew up unaccustomed to.  Today, we look at the child within and it’s need for play and joy.  Reconnecting with the joyous child inside us becomes the focus of our recovery from addictions and trauma in this episode. Click here for the video of “The Mirror”

Michael Weinberger tells a powerful story of trauma, mental illness, addiction and recovery which culminated in the development of his own app for recovery. Join me in my interview of Michael as we follow him through his journey to recovery and discuss the development of his app and program called “A Plan For Living”. Michael’s contacts are: [email protected] twitter: https://twitter.com/@aplanforliving Blog: www.aplanforliving.com/blog Resources: www.aplanforliving.com/resources
Sexual assault is an issue much in the news lately.  We cover what it is, the effects it has and hold accountable those who would excuse it in this episode of Mindful Recovery.  This week’s episode is a call to listeners to stand against such behavior. Here is a link to a webinar you might find useful explaining how mindfulness can be used to overcome anxiety and depression. Here is a link to my Huffington Post Blog where you can find many of my writings about sexual assault, working with survivors and the beauty I see in our brokenness.

In part 2 of my podcasts about sexual assault I interview Laura Reagan, LCSW. Laura specializes in trauma and sexual assault and is a fantastic therapist in the Annapolis area. We talk about blaming the victim and changing attitudes in this episode of Mindful Recovery. Here are Laura’s Website and her podcast Therapy Chat

The Holidays can be a real challenge when we’re struggling with trauma and addictions.  The constant barrage of images of what family “should” be and what “holidays” should look like just throws out there that we are not that.  Avoiding expectations and choosing our family wisely are only two of the suggestions I make this week.  In this episode I suggest some concrete things we need to be doing to get through the holidays without relapse.