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Corporate Team Building:

“Stress can create lower enjoyment of work, increases in physical illness, absenteeism and an increase in unhealthy coping mechanisms such as addictions. I use a mindfulness training model with over 30 years of experience in mindfulness and ten years of training these techniques. In addition I work with team leaders and team members in building relationships by learning how to have fun and support each other even through the most difficult projects. Keeping the mindful fun in the work is the real answer to productivity. I would love to teach your teams how they can do this.”

Trauma and Addictions:

“I have 27 years clean time myself and over ten years of helping addicts to recover. I lead workshops and do lectures on how to cope with and treat trauma in addictions. Trauma underlies every addiction and I use mindfulness to create an emotionally regulated space for individuals to begin learning new coping tools. You can catch some of my work in this area on my podcast “Mindful Recovery” available on most platforms or at In my workshops we cover the brain science behind trauma and addictions and how we can begin reversing these brain trends.”

Mindfulness Training:

“Mindfulness is a research based method for actually rewiring the brain. It is extremely effective in the management of stress, depression and anxiety disorders. I teach mindfulness techniques for a multitude of purposes including relaxation, emotional regulation, stress and anxiety management, pain management, craving resistance and many other uses.”


“I have been lecturing regionally and nationally for several years and working with autism for more than 20 years. I am currently involved in assisting in the development of a school for special needs in Cameroon, Africa which will be the first of its kind in that country. I am working to change the view of the treatment of autism and begin taking a trauma focused approached because both the sensory environment and social bullying create trauma events in the individual’s life.  When these traumas are treated we find the individual learns more quickly in building new coping skills and fewer behavioral services are needed. I currently work as a consultant and lecturer for local children’s hospitals and schools in several states.”

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