Therapy Services:


check Recovery coaching services: As your therapist, and as someone who has walked this path, I can help you to remain accountable in your recovery and provide the tools necessary to stay in recovery mode successfully.  We will work on relapse prevention and building a new and vibrant existence without the addiction.


check Addiction Therapy: Assisting clients in learning to cope with the underlying anxiety and traumas or co-existing mental illnesses that often occur with addiction issues.


check Autism Therapy: Working with individuals on areas of trauma that occur as a result of social isolation, bullying, sensory issues or a number of other reasons, helping the individual to learn new coping strategies and social skills and helping parents create a structured environment in home that will reduce behavioral problems are a few of the therapy services I can offer.


check Trauma Therapy: Trauma is a very common occurrence.  Whether it is surviving a natural disaster, abuse, assault, domestic abuse, war, or other forms, trauma can be a crippling force in the lives of individuals.  We work to overcome those crippling effects and learn to live with confidence and in relationship with the world around us.