We are struggling with autism

Autism is a family disease.  The individual with autism may be the one trying to deal with social anxiety, adhd and/or sensory issues but the family is left trying desperately to support them.  Dealing with the guilt of not knowing how to help, the stress of often feeling under attack yourselves during meltdowns, or just the pain of watching someone you love struggle takes a huge emotional and physical toll.  The research I have been doing the past three years indicates to me that there is a better way to begin and bring treatment to the individual and the family.  Rather than trying to put behavioral supports in the home right off the bat, it is my belief based on more than 20 years in the field actually working with individuals and families, that we should be dealing with the sensory issues first and then trying to teach behavioral and social skills.  The individual with extensive sensory issues does not feel safe in their own world.  They are constantly under attack by the environment around them.  New research in mindfulness practice and neurochemistry indicates that teaching them to self regulate with mindfulness after putting a healthy sensory diet into effect is much more helpful.  If you are lost and walking this path alone, know that you don’t have to.  Below is my latest presentation on the issue of autism as an underlying trauma for individuals, how I feel we need to start looking at treatment and the promise that is out there.  In addition you may download the sensory checklist to begin identifying some of the sensory needs that are present.  Finally, you can contact me.  Initial phone consultations are free and even if you do not decide to work with me I may be able to point you to resources you did not know existed (I have years of experience developing this resource base and I offer that to you at no charge during the initial phone consultation).